Monday, December 20, 2010

Kickin' it in Geumchon - Teaching English in Korea

Here's a little glimpse into English teacher culture here in Korea. Ten years ago, English teaching was done almost entirely by Koreans who had studied the language mostly through text books. Today, there's a huge demand for native speakers, and Korea recruits thousands of them from the US to South Africa.  New faces mean new night life and magazines and music catering to this scene.  This rap video was made by the EV Boyz, three American English teachers living in a town northwest of Seoul. The video made a big splash among expats here when it was released a few years ago. The trio went on to write a musical plea for Taco Bell, lamenting the "anti-texmexican consumptionism that had gripped the Asian peninsula." (Taco Bell has since arrived...)

A little translation:

Geumchon - A district northwest of Seoul, not far from North Korea, that's home to an "English village," where  students visit for the day or stay over night to practice speaking English as if they were visiting a foreign country.
Waygooks - Slang for Waegukin or foreigner
Anyong haseyo - Hello
Kamsa hamnida - Thank you
The cabbage that we ravage with the chili paste taste - Kimchi of course!

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